안녕하세요! (Korean Update)

Hello again!

It’s been exactly two weeks since my partner and I started to learn Korean. I’m so excited about this language. I don’t think I’ve ever been that excited about anything actually. I wonder why’s that? 😀

We haven’t been over much grammar yet, although we have learnt a couple of basic phrases like saying Hello, Thanks, etc. Our primary goal was to learn to read. And so in these two weeks we put all our focus into that. We’ve been reading some Korean texts that we’d found online, and although we didn’t understand anything, it was still a great way to practise recognising letters and improving our reading speed. It’s still a bit slow, but there’s definitely some improvement. 🙂

So, now that we know how to read, we’re going to start working on some grammar points and try finding some native speakers whom we’ll be able to chat with and practise what we’ll have learnt by then. In the beginning, we’re going to work with a couple of books and courses and those include:

1.) Colloquial Korean
2.) Teach Yourself Korean
3.) Beginner’s Korean

All these books and courses have been praised a lot in the forums and websites we’d read about them so we’ve decided to work with them first. We’re going to go approximately over 1 lesson in one or two days, depending on the amount of new vocabulary to acquire and/or grammar points to comprehend.

We’re also going to use the TalkToMeInKorean website since we find it very interesting and helpful with full explanations and understandable content provided by native Koreans. The website can be found here: http://www.talktomeinkorean.com/

That’s all for now folks. Stay tuned for the next update which will most probably be posted very soon.

감사합니다 and take care! 🙂


Hindi ko man naisip sa buong buhay ko na posible pala akong makahanap ng isang tao matatawag kong isang totoong kaibigan sa internet… oo, marami ako naging kaibigan (penpal man o language partner ang tawag ko sa kanila), pero sandaling-sandali lang ang pakikipag-kaibigan ko sa kanila. hindi ko akalaing mangyayari ‘to sa akin — na magkaroon ng kaibigan na taga ibang bansang gusto kong parati kausapin. hindi ko alam bakit pero nagkasundo tayo agad. apat na buwan na ang nakakalipas pero nandiyan ka parin bilang isang matalik kong kaibigan. 🙂 araw-araw, may bagong nangyayari sa atin at, hindi ba’t nakakatuwa ‘yun? tingnan mo nga naman, may bago tayong wikang inaaral nang sabay. hindi ko talaga inakala. buong buhay akong magpapasalamat sa iyo hindi lamang sa tulong mo dahil tinanggap mo ako bilang isang kaibigan. 🙂 huwag kang magbago, kaibigan! malaking parte ka ng buhay ko, sinasabi ko sa iyo. kaya, salamat. salamat sayo. salamat sa lahat. 🙂

What is there to say, except.. Maraming salamat kaibigan ko! Salamat para sa mensahe at salamat sa lahat!! 🙂

Hindi ko man naisip sa bu…

Starting with Korean

Hello fellow language lovers! 🙂

Long time no see, I know. I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything here in quite a while now, but unfortunately I’ve been quite busy with school as the end of the schoolyear is approaching. I’ve just had too much homework and studying to do, so I haven’t had much time to devote myself to language learning and updating this blog.

Today, I have a very special reason for writing this. Are you ready for it? 3…2…1… I STARTED TO LEARN KOREAN! 😀

Why did I start? There’s a little anecdote behind it all. I was chatting on Facebook with my great friend Maita from the Philippines (btw, that’s the girl that’s been teaching me Tagalog and whom I’ve learnt so much from) and she asked whether I’d rather learn Korean or Japanese. Thinking it was a random question, which it actually was at that moment, I said Korean, since that’s always been my great wish. But, of course, me being such a passionate language lover couldn’t really resist it so an idea was born in my head. A very simple idea to start learning Korean. I’m not even sure where it’d come from, but it certainly filled my brain and mind up with a great desire to start learning the language as soon as possible.

So, the decision had been made. I was going to start learning Korean – today! But then, something else came to me too. In the very next moment, I found myself asking Maita if she was willing to learn Korean with me. When she said yes, my eyes just opened widely. I couldn’t believe that was actually happening. “Have I just found my first language learning partner?” – I thought to myself. Never in my life have I had someone whom I’d be learning a language with, although I must admit, that has always been my great wish.

So, that’s how the two of us started. I’m really looking forward to learning this beautiful language. Especially now, when I have another good reason to stay motivated, since I won’t be doing it alone. I’m so grateful for Maita asking me that question. 🙂

I’m going to be posting stuff here more often now, and I’m going to be informing you guys of the progress Maita and I will be making.

Today, we’ve learnt our first 20 letters and we’re super excited about it. These letters are: 아,우,오,이,가,구,고,기,나,누,노,니,다,두,도,디,마,무,모,미. We hope to have managed to learn the entire alphabet by the end of this week.

You can visit Maita’s blog here: http://maitacoronel.wordpress.com

Wish us luck! 😀

Until the next time, bye!

Polyglot meeting + speaking Portuguese

Hi everybody!

Today I would like to write about something that happened a few days ago. On Wednesday, to be exact. 🙂

I met one of the youtube polyglots in my own hometown! 😀 His name’s Sam and he’s from Germany. We met because he was in Zagreb for a few days visiting his relatives for Easter. We spent about 2 hours together. The initial idea was for us to get a cup of coffee in the nearby café. But then we decided to go take a walk through the old part of the city until we finally stopped at a place called the Lotrscak Tower. We did this with intention. The Tower is a very popular sight in Zagreb and many tourists visit it regularly. So, we were actually surrounded by people speaking tons of foreign languages all the time. We didn’t approach them, since we satisfied our needs just by listening to those beautiful languages being spoken. While speaking ourselves, Sam and I were talking in a few different languages that we know and share. Those include: Croatian, English, German etc.

Then some guy approached us and asked if we could take a photo of him and his girlfriend. We immidiately agreed and I took the camera while my friend Sam was waiting next to us. I took 2 photos and gave the guy his camera back. I thought they were to leave, but then Sam asked them where they were from. And the guy said that they were from Brasil. Since I’ve spent last couple of weeks learning Portuguese and really fallen in love with the language,  imagine my suprise and amazement when I heard him say that. In the next moment, I’m not very sure myself what exactly happened. It was like my brain and body refused to listen to me and just went on their own way. So, in the next second, I found myself asking the guy: “Você fala português?” which is the portuguese phrase for “Do you speak Portuguese?”. The guy said “Sim, falo.” which means “Yes, I do.” and that’s pretty much how one of the most interesting conversations of my life started. Although we didn’t talk much, and it was a rather short conversation, it will still always remain in my memory as one of the first chats I’ve had in foreign languages I’m learning IN REAL LIFE! Even today, 4 days later, I still can’t believe it actually happened!

Sam has gone back to his hometown in Germany, but he’ll be back for Christmas holidays and I hope we’ll meet again.

Link to Sam’s Channel: http://www.youtube.com/SaBracaSam

Thank you for reading! 😀

Continuing with Tagalog + speaking Taglish

Hello everyone! 🙂

Kamusta kayo? Gusto kong sumulat ngayon tungkol sa Tagalog ko, again…

In these last couple of days, I really think I’ve finally started to get at least somewhat familiar with the language. I have a feeling that I’ve leveled up a few times 😛 I don’t know how to explain, it’s pretty weird! It’s like 3 days ago I wasn’t even able to construct a basic sentence and now I feel like I’ve been learning the language for a long time. Of course, I still lack some most basic vocabulary, but I’m now more aware of how sentences, tenses and the rest of the grammar is formed in Tagalog language. I’m so happy because of that! 🙂

I’ve spent so much time in these last few days studying. I mean, yesterday was Easter (Happy Easter btw 😉 ), and what did I do? Of course, I was studying Tagalog all day long! The same thing happened on Saturday, and the day before… You get the point! 🙂 It’s absolutely amazing! I think Tagalog’s slowly becoming my most favourite language of all times! 😀

Another great thing that’s happened is that I’ve finally started to speak some Taglish with my Pilipino friend. I mean, I’ve known her for a while now, but my Tagalog wasn’t even close enough before for me to even attempt to speak a little Taglish. I know those aren’t full conversations in Tagalog, and to be completely honest I’m not really fond of mixing two languages together (I’ve always wondered why do Pilipino people do that? Don’t they like their native language?), but since, as I already said, my Tagalog isn’t good enough yet for me to be speaking it full-time, I’ll just have to satisfy with that for now.  🙂

I’ll go back to practising my Tagalog now. 😀 I can’t wait to inform you of my progress again soon.
So, stay tuned because it’s just getting exciting! 😉


Tagalog day

Ok, so today I decided to spend the whole day studying only Tagalog! I started in the morning and was kind of fond of the progress I was making so I continued. Taking into consideration the fact that I haven’t had much time nor chances to immerse myself fully in the language, I’d say I’m doing a pretty decent job. I’m using a couple of PDFs (e-books) simultaneously, so that way I’m making faster progress. I’m trying to grasp as much as I can as quickly as possible, since I’ve made a really strong decision to speak it fluently soon.
The books I use include:

1.) Basic Tagalog for foreigners and non-Tagalogs
2.) Teach Yourself Tagalog
3.) Living Language Tagalog – Complete Course
4.) Essential Tagalog Grammar
5.) Tagalog Grammar in a Nutshell

I’m currently working on a large chapter called “Markers” which covers many aspects. Possessions, adjectives, basic sentence structures etc.

Since Tagalog’s grammar’s kind of different from all the languages I’ve been dealing with so far, I have to admit that I sometimes struggle to comprehend even the most “basic” things.
Perhaps I need more exercise? 😉

We’ll see. For now, paalam!